Welcome to Hygeia Laboratories


An R & D and Production unit in the area of Chemistry Intensive sophisticated fine chemicals, functional molecules, developmental research and bioactive pharmaceutical products. The group would supply and service its customers locally and globally.

Mission statement:

To serve Society by being a strong bond between the Chemical community and the Health Care industry, through absolute confidentiality and committed responses by dedicated and empowered personnel.

Main Agenda:

  1. Production of the Prostaglandin intermediates in kilogram quantities.
  2. Custom synthesis of value added chemicals, bioactive molecules of pharmaceutical interest.
  3. Custom research for establishing suitable chemistry and development of suitable processes.
  4. Synthesis of low volume high value products.

Practice at Hygeia:

  • Wide range of organic chemistry syntheses including synthetic planning and strategies, special organic reactions, development of custom methodologies, asymmetric synthesis, drug lead generation techniques, etc. operating in a safe and environment friendly manner.
  • Expertise in handling highly chemistry intensive multistep synthesis of complex bioactive molecules.
  • Highly specialized unit processes like Grignard reactions, hydrogenation reactions, Suzuki reaction, oxidations, epoxidations, Heck reaction and many more.
  • GMP like

Our Strength:

  • Multistep synthesis of optically active molecules including asymmetric synthesis and generation of suitable and feasible chemistry for complex molecules.


Hygeia Laboratories is a modern organic chemistry facility located 50 KM from Pune city . The facility includes:

  • Pilot plant  with SS reactors ( 1000lts, 800lts & 300lts)., Glass reactors 100lts & 50 lts, Chilling plant, Boiler, DG set etc.
  • R & D / process development equipped with all general research equipments,
  • QC lab having in-house GC, HPLC, Karl Fischer etc 
  • Microbiology Lab having Fermenters (5lts, 20lts, 60lts & 600lts), Shaker, Laminar , autoclave  etc


Works Address Office Address
C-4/28 ,M.I.D.C
Jejuri,Pune 412303
5,Vasumati Co Op Hsg Soc
Pushpak Park, Aundh,Pune 411007
Contact Number  +91 9422882326 | +91 9422016742 | +91  20 25881442


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